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Whether we’re providing our clients with ongoing email marketing management or a one-time brand video, stellar communication is our superpower. We listen to our client’s goals, solicit feedback at key milestones, and use that input to ensure that every project checks all the boxes for our clients.

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Email Marketing: SurfDurt

We helped this San Diego-based sunscreen company update their automated email flows with punchy copy, sleek design, and calls-to-action to effectively convert new email subscribers into customers. We also helped SurfDurt plan their monthly email calendar before writing, designing, and sending weekly newsletters and campaign emails that saw sales surge.

“Rock Paper Creative has such a playful tone and attention to detail that I've given them the freedom to make anything they want, and I'm very satisfied with the work we've received. I've never seen them produce anything that wasn't beautiful and high-quality.”

—Maxine Chapman, SurfDurt Founder


Email Marketing: The Ecology Center

We helped this Orange County nonprofit revamp their automated email flows for new subscribers, welcoming them to the organization, letting them know about upcoming community events, and encouraging them to get involved through volunteer opportunities and annual memberships. We also used segmentation and other techniques to support the launch of their new online store and increase revenue through targeted campaigns.

“They [Rock Paper Creative] operated as a near-fully-integrated unit within our organization. They are not only experts in their craft, but also highly enthusiastic and professional.”


—Jonathan Zaidman, Director of Engagement at The Ecology Center

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Video Production: Quiksilver

As part of the surf mega brand’s first-ever LGBTQ+ pride campaign, we collaborated with Quiksilver’s internal team, queer leaders consulting on the project, and freelance videographers around the world to produce a 1-minute launch video. Our role was to come up with the concept, write the on-screen text, source video from contributors, shoot some footage ourselves, and edit the final piece. The video was a watershed moment for surf culture and very well received by Quiksilver’s audience.


Video Production: Galley Solutions

We created a 3-minute video brand story video for this San Diego-based tech company that dove into the history of the brand, how their product solves problems in the culinary industry, and how this technology can impact the world.

“Just let Todd and his team do what they do best. You don’t really have to do much because they’re really good at what they do and want to create the best video possible for their clients."


—Kayla Fitzpatrick, People Operations Manager at Galley



Photography: Taylor Stitch

To promote their collaborative capsule with The Ecology Center, we shot all of the campaign content that would be used on the Taylor Stitch website, social feed, and ads. From flat lay photos of jackets staged with farm tools to lifestyle imagery of the farm team tending the fields in the clothing, we captured the essence of the collaboration and highlighted specific features for each garment.


Photography: Visitor Coffee Roasters

For this cosmic coffee company, we sought out a martian landscape for a photoshoot showcasing their coffee and merch. In addition to beautiful, striking imagery of the products in the sand dunes, we also used practical effects to add UFOs in the background, show the products hovering above the sand, and more.

“We had a great amount of content interaction on social media because of what Rock Paper Creative did for us. We had more followers on social media, and our sales increased as we had more views and visitors to our page.”


—Seth Wellens, Visitor Coffee Roasters Co-Founder

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Copywriting: Plant Provision

For this plant-based foods company, we have helped them hone a playful, irreverent tone of voice with engaging copy for their email and SMS campaigns. These campaigns have ranged in length and format from simple memes to holiday sale messages to helpful listicles that entertain and build deeper connections with their customers.


Copywriting: Quiksilver

In addition to our work on Quiksilver’s LGBTQ+ pride campaign launch video, we also wrote all of the copy associated with the campaign. This included landing page copy, profile pieces on LGBTQ+ partner organizations, press releases, captions for social media posts and more. Click here to check out the campaign landing page and blog posts.

January 26, 2021-VCR for site 5.jpg
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